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Twin Pines Pottery- Carol Amman

Open Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Pots with purpose! Utilitarian stoneware created to offer both a visual and tactile experience. I love to enhance many of my pieces with carvings prompted by nature’s artistry.  All glazes used are lead-free, microwave and oven safe. 

CAROL AMMAN, 19 Pleasant Avenue, Andover, NY 14806

(607) 478-8677

Directions:  From Main Street in Andover, Route 21, turn East on Center Street. Turn right at the first stop sign, Church Street and then make the first left onto Pleasant Avenue. Continue toward the end of the street. My home is the brick one on the left with a wrap-around porch.

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Pottery By Kay Brooks

I make hand-thrown, high fired pottery. I specialize in functional pieces and dinnerware. I have a wide variety of beautiful colors which are lead free and oven safe. 

KAY BROOKS, 4664 State Route 19 South, Belmont NY 14813

(585) 268-5361 or (716) 481-1920

Directions: I am located on Route 19 two miles south of Belmont.  Look for brown house with a red metal roof. You can’t miss it.

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Mark Corwine

All my pieces are one of a kind, decorative as well as fuctional clay works.  I gravitate to classical forms coupled with expressionistic surfaces and colorful glazing.  Most are assembled from thrown forms but will use any method or prosess that achieve the ideas I have at the time.

 MARK CORWINE, 2084 State Route 417, Andover, NY 14806

(607) 478-8216

Directions:  Coming from Wellsville, East on State Route 417, 7/10 of a mile past Elm Valley (County Route 12 intersection) continuing on to Andover.   #2084 House/Studio are on the left side of 417, Clay / Grey color.

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Eric Cushing

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Pinnacle Pottery- PAMELA DELYANNIS

Fine handcrafted stoneware pottery. Kitchen and tableware a specialty. New glazes and forms along with old favorites. Special orders are welcomed. 

PAMELA DELYANNIS, 9949 Dutch Hill Road. Fillmore NY, 14735


Directions:  Route 19 to blinking light in Fillmore.  Take route 4 to Ballard Road on the right.  1 mile on Ballard and turn left onto Schucknect Road.  2 miles to the end.  At the “T” make a right turn onto Dutch Hill Road.  Pottery is on the first driveway on the right.

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Eugenia Frith Meltzer

Open Friday, Saturday and Sunday

My work puts the fun in functional!  What I enjoy most is the challenge of the teapot.  I make teapots of all kinds. All are functional and all show my sense of humor. If you are a serious teapot collector, my studio is not to be missed. 

EUGENIA FRITH MELTZER, 1331 State Route 244, Alfred Station, NY 14803

(847) 846-8456

Directions:  From Main Street in Alfred, turn west onto Route 244 and go ½ mile. House & studio are on the left, just past the Alfred State farms. If you come to Terbury Road, you have gone too far.

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Peter Midgley

Honest, useful pottery. Colorful and beautiful with some whimsy mixed in. The work is in high-fire stoneware and Raku. I will be demonstrating Raku firing if the weather permits.  Again this year, I have steam punk ray guns. These are one-of-a-kind mixed media sculptures.

PETER MIDGLEY, 4070 Niles Hill Road, Wellsville, NY 14895

(585) 593-3129

Directions: Take State Route 19 into Wellsville, turn west onto West State Street, turn left onto Highland Avenue. Turn right onto Pine Street/Niles Hill Road to a white house in evergreens, 2/3 of a mile on the right.

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A Stone’s Throw Pottery- Nancy Petrillo

Hand-thrown pottery made for your everyday use or special occasions.  My intricate designs are captured in porcelain for functional ware with an understated elegance.

NANCY PETRILLO, 9845 Wesley Road, Houghton, NY 14744

(585) 567-8402

Directions: At the south end of Houghton on State Route 19 turn up Tucker Hill Road. Go to the “T” meeting Wesley Road (about 2 miles).  My home/studio will be right in front of you.

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Dutch Hill Pottery- Gregory Ricciardiello

Fine handcrafted stoneware Pottery. Returning to the Studio Tour after several years absence. New cone 6 dinnerware, organic and brilliantly colored. Firing a new gas kiln to cone 10 with lots of colors and textures coming out, always an adventure.

9949 Dutch Hill Road, Fillmore, NY 14735

(585) 857-4450

Directions: Co-hosting with Pinnacle Pottery: Route 19 to blinking light in Fillmore. Take route 4 to Ballard Road on right. 1 mile on Ballard and turn left onto Schucknect Road. 2 miles to end. At the “T” make a right turn onto Dutch Hill Road. Pottery is on the first driveway on the right

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Creekbed Pottery- Linda Ross

Thrown and hand built pottery typically in stoneware.  Many pieces are one of a kind or similar with a twist.  You will also find wall and yard art all made with happy hands.  Durable, dishwasher and oven safe.  Lead free glazes.

LINDA ROSS, 29 West Main Street, Angelica, NY 14709    

(585) 610-6772

Directions: New location:  29 West Main Street, Angelica,NY.  Come visit our new larger studio just 2 doors down from old location.  Exit 31 from I-86.  Turn toward village and take 2nd left onto East Main Street.  Go around Park Circle to West Main Street.  We are located in the building with the brick front, 7th up from the Post Office.

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Mud Puddle Pottery- Terri Ross

Functional, sometimes funky but always fun! Come visit our new, larger studio just 2 doors down from our old location. 

TERRI ROSS, 29 West Main Street, Angelica, NY 14709

(716) 378-0707

Directions: New location: 29 West Main St, Angelica. Exit 31 from I-86. Turn towards village, take 2nd left onto East Main Street. Go around Park Circle to West Main Street. We are located in the building with the brick front, 7th building up from the post office. 

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Tufty Ceramics, Inc.

Open Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Terracotta bakeware created from Alfred Shale Clay once owned and used by the former Ludowicii-Celadon Roof Tile Company founded in 1889.  We dig our own shale and with nothing added but water we create an all natural pure red-clay body for a long lasting piece that can withstand decades of heavy baking with simple care.

KAREN TUFTY-WISNIEWSKI, 47 South Main Street, PO Box 785, Andover, NY 14806

(607) 478-5150

Directions:  On Route 21, which is Main Street in Andover, NY. Next to the Keystone Gas Station.

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Marsha Van Vlack

Open Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Clay in many ways.  I work with cone 6 porcelain to low fire raku and saggar firing.  My work includes art pots and wall pieces, garden totems, sculptures and functional ware.  Come see what's new!

MARSHA VAN VLACK, 678 County Route 19, Whitesville, NY 14897

(607) 356-3414

Directions:  Travel east on Route 248 through Whitesville. When Route 248 makes a sharp left, go straight on County Road 19. Drive 1 mile. Studio is on the left.