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Allegany Artisans 2018 STUDIO TOUR Application Information
Dates: Required days Sat & Sun Oct 13&14, 10-5, optional day Fri, Oct 12 5-8pm,
Completed application, brochure photo and payment due by
Friday May 4, 2018 at 8:00 pm (Board meets to jury on May 5 at 9 am.)
Application Information
Membership is limited to people with studios in Allegany County. Read our handbook (on website) for details. Exhibiting Artisans must be present during the Studio Tour hours each day. Artisans may offer only their own work - resale items or items made by others are not allowed.
YOUR PLEDGE TO ALLEGANY ARTISANS: Review our Handbook at and sign here to indicate your promise to abide by the rules and mission of our group. You agree to show only your own juried work (jury by Allegany Artisans Board of Directors) and to be in your studio during all the specified hours of the entire studio tour. You will hand out brochures and posters, regardless of the fee paid. Also you will demonstrate your craft as far as possible. Also, the right to use Allegany Artisans name, logo and signs is valid only for exhibiting members. All signs remain the property of Allegany Artisans and must be returned by those no longer exhibiting. The Allegany Artisans Board of Directors reserves the right to take appropriate disciplinary action if in their view the guidelines of this contract are not followed.
Please sign the application to indicate that you committed to abide by the rules and regulations of the Allegany Artisans: __________________________
Photo information
REQUIRED PHOTOS: Two high quality, sharply focused, uncluttered image of you holding/wearing your work or your work alone suitable for our brochure. Additional photos up to a total of eight for social media and publicity will be submitted. Please use plain backgrounds. Email to our NEW address One file must be named with your name and the word “brochure” (JeanJonesbrochure.jpg). Alternately, send printed photos or electronic media to LuAnn Di Paglia, c/o Allegany Artisans, 7145 Whitney Valley Road, Almond, 14804.
Optional Photos:
1) Image of your hands working sent with filename in this format: hands welding.jpg.
2) For those accepted in more than one medium, send images for each listing on our website. Use filename of your name, website, medium - (JerriJoneswebsitemetals.jpg). These should be sent to Nancy Petrillo,
3) Scenes of fall in Allegany County. These should go to
NEW MEMBERS will undergo a jury process. See page 3. RETURNING & PreApproved MEMBERS working in new will be juried in that media. | For new members --- The board will jury your work: Please contact Len Curran the current president at 607-382-8105 to deliver your work before the deadline, Friday, May 4 at 8pm. If you work in more than one media, bring enough of each to show what you do. Bring your check, printed application, and your work. Also email your photos. Checks will be cashed only after your acceptance
For new members only - Please provide this information on the back
1. Describe your studio space. You may send photos to
2. What is your art/craft background/experience/training?
3. Where do you market your work?
4. List art fairs/craft shows where you regularly sell your work.
General Meetings for 2018 – 6:30 PM – Wednesdays
Please note in your calendar
June 13 Picnic, Dish to Pass, GROUP PHOTO, Proof Read Brochure – Sue Johnson’s Home
September 12 Pre-Tour distribution of brochures and more, St. Philips Meeting Hall, Belmont
October 24 Post Tour, Share hors d’oeuvres, desserts, snacks, St. Philips Meeting Hall, Belmont Dates/locations may change. Call board members or check your Email.
Multiple Artisans working at one location are individuals and each pays the fee.
Items 1-12 should be clear.
13. is only a portal website. We will show the information you put in the brochure. You may also ask for links to various social and online platforms that you participate in.
14. The brochure has a list of members by town. After each name, there is an indication of the work they do. Write your choices for item 14. limit: 30 characters, including spaces.
15. The fee for the 2018 Allegany Artisan Studio Tour is $250. With active participation on one or more committees the fee is $175. For Board members the fee is $90. If you choose to do Friday night there is an additional fee of $25 to cover the cost of social media ads. Donations welcome
Committees: 1. Publicity (this is the key committee that brings people to your studio) 2.Brochure 3. Distribution 4. Website
5. Signage 6. Mailing List 7. Adopt-A-Highway
Distribution work for all members to help make the tour successful: 1) Hang posters where possible. 2) Distribution of brochures at shows. 3) Put brochures in area businesses, schools, libraries and local hot spots. 4) Send information to our
5) Encourage Studio Tour visitors to fill out raffle tickets. 6) Try to attend all 3 general meetings. 7) Be at the June picnic for the group photo at 6:30 pm and to proofread the brochure and check the links on the website.
16. Save the Date postcards will be available at the picnic in June while full brochures will be available in late August. Posters and placemats are distributed at the group meeting in September. Indicate how many of each of these you would need for distribution in your area as well as for your Studio needs. For placemats, indicate the name of the restaurant so we aren’t doubling up. WE ALL BENEFIT WHEN WE ALL PROMOTE THE STUDIO TOUR.
Applications and images may be emailed. Checks must be mailed. Due date is strict.
Information to print in our brochure. If returning member and there are no changes, cut and paste your blurb from last year.
New members or returning members with new information
1. NAME OR STUDIO NAME ___________________________________
2. DESCRIPTION OF WORK (written in first person, limit of 50 words, fewer if directions are long)
3. Name ______________________________
4. Street address _________________________
5. Town ______________ NY Zip __________
6. Phone Number ___________________
7. Email ________________________________
8. Website ________________________________
9. Select your days: _____Fri, Sat, Sun (remember the added fee for Friday) or _______Sat, Sun
10. DIRECTIONS TO YOUR STUDIO: If you have approval from the board to piggyback (see handbook) indicate your host and we will use their wording for directions.
11. NEW LOCATIONS - latitude & longitude of studio location ________________________________________
12. If you choose NOT to print your contact information in the brochure, how may we reach you privately?
Private Phone_______________________ Email ________________________________________________
13. Your internet presence – see notes
Photo account _______________________________Etsy Store ____________________________________
Facebook __________________________ Tumbler ________________________________________
Twitter _________________________________ Pinterest _______________________________________
Other __________________________________________________________________________________
14. Media - Write your choices for item 14. limit: 30 characters, including spaces. Examples:
Ceramics - Clay work – Pottery - Tiles - Sculpture
Fiber – Weaving - Knitting - Felting - Doll Creations - Quilts - Wall Hanging
Fine Arts – Painting - Drawing
Jewelry - Personal Adornments
Metal Work - Blacksmith - Iron work - Tin Can Folk Art
Glass - Lampshades - Paper
Wood –Furniture - Wood Carving -Wood Turning -Wood Burning
15. FEES - Occasionally there are multiple Artisans at one location but each member/studio pays the fee. See notes
The fee for the 2018 Allegany Artisan Studio Tour is $250. __________
With active participation on one or more committee the fee is $175. ______________
For Board members the fee is $90. ______
Friday night $25 ___________
Donations welcome Total amount enclosed _________________
1. Publicity (this is a big committee and needs a lot of people)____________
2. Brochure ____________ 3. Distribution _____________ 4. Website _____________
5. Signage ___________ 6. Mailing List____________ 7. Adopt-A-Highway____________
16. For distribution in your area as well as for your Studio needs.
How many postcards _____________ How many brochures ________________
How many posters _____________________
How many placemats ________________ what restaurants ______________________________
Questions? If you need latitude and longitude, call Ken Reichman. (607-356-3193). For other questions call any artisans board member. Contact information is on our website and brochure.
Website: check your page and your links on the website. If corrections are needed contact Nancy Petrillo
21018 Board Members President: Len Curran, Vice President : Jesse Szalc, Secretary: LuAnn Di Paglia
Treasurer: Sue Johnson, members at large: Pat Gay and Betsy Orlando